Newell- Harris

As a physician, author, speaker and patient advocate, Glenda Newell-Harris, M.D. has devoted decades of her career to treating, advocating, informing, empowering, and uplifting those around her.

In her more than 30 years as a physician leader in the public and private sectors, time and again she discovered that her patients needed to be better educated in health literacy.

Dr. Glenda speaking at a podium

Dr. Glenda Speaking

Dr. Glenda is a sought-after medical expert and motivational speaker who brings a dynamic and relatable energy, credible and experienced voice, and an intergenerational message of empowerment and encouragement on issues related to health literacy, patient advocacy, professional and personal development and well-being. Her audiences span from Generation Z in their early 20s to Baby Boomers beyond their 60s, and everyone in between.

Focus On Your Best Health

This first-of-a-kind how-to guide contains strategies and tips for consumers to demystify the language of medicine; debunk myths about medical care; and learn where and how to get help to improve their medical encounters.
“I represent thousands of people in my Congressional district who have unsuccessfully tried to navigate a broken health care system. Millions more around the country experience the same. Access to quality health care for consumers also means access to information and resources on how to manage their own health care needs. As a medical doctor and patient advocate, Dr. Glenda Newell-Harris has been on both sides of the doctor-patient relationship. She co-authored the playbook on focusing on your best health, and her advocacy is a call to action for consumers everywhere.”
Congresswoman Barbara Lee
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, 12th District of California