Summer Health and Safety Applies to Everyone, Young and Seasoned

summer health when gardening

Dear friends, I can attest that summer fun isn’t just for the kiddos! When the world slowed down during the pandemic, I discovered a new passion: gardening. Now my weekly summer routine includes watering zucchini and tomatoes, chatting with my leafy friends, and sharing with my granddaughter the joy of the apple tree I planted. […]

Healthy Men Make Healthy Friends, Husbands and Fathers

Discussing men's health

Dear friends, My message around taking charge of your own health is meant for everyone, but right now I want to have a conversation with the men. We know that June is a month of celebrating fathers, but also during this Men’s Health Month it’s the perfect time to remind you that your health doesn’t […]

Let’s Demystify Mental Health:
It’s Time to Change

Let’s Demystify Mental Health

Dear friends, When it comes to our physical health, we’re quick to heed the signals our bodies send when something feels off. We have an ache here, a cough there, and we take the steps to get better: see a health care provider, describe our symptoms, undergo an examination, and follow the treatment plan. So […]

In Pregnancy, Speaking Up Is Sometimes a Matter of Life or Death

Patient talking to doctor about maternal health disparities

Dear friends, When tennis icon Serena Williams shed light on her childbirth ordeal, many were surprised to hear that, despite her fame and wealth, her health care providers still dismissed her concerns about hypertension. Her experience underscored the urgent need to address very real disparities in maternal health care, particularly for Black women. Despite advances […]

Healthy Sisterhoods Support Women in Leadership

Dear friends, I find myself reflecting deeply on the remarkable strides of women to be seen and heard during this Women’s History Month. One thing is often overlooked outside of specific groups or communities, yet still very vital, and that is sisterhood. It’s the bond of support, the exchange of wisdom, and the shared resilience […]

A Healthy Heart: The Ultimate Expression of Self-Love

Greetings, friends! Listen to your body. If things feel different, they are different. As February unfolds with the celebration of love, there’s a silent but crucial matter of the heart that calls for our attention: our cardiovascular health. Amidst love songs and heart-shaped candies, February is American Heart Month—a time to focus on nurturing the […]

Take Charge of Your Health in 2024

Take charge of your health

Greetings, friends! …there’s a better way for a better health outcome. I’m Dr. Glenda, here to help you take charge of your health. That means showing you how to make every experience you have with a health care provider more meaningful and productive. I’ve learned over a decades-long career in medicine, as well as through […]