Focus On Your Best Health

In her more than 30 years as a physician leader in the public and private sectors, time and again Dr. Glenda understood that her patients needed to be better educated in health literacy. This led her in 2013 to co-author Focus On YOUR BEST HEALTH: A Smart Guide To The Health Care You Deserve.

Dr. Glenda Newell-Harris in white coat
“As someone with good to excellent health care, I was surprised that after entering the hospital with a life-threatening illness, it did not seem that I was getting the urgent medical care that my condition necessitated. It was not until a personal friend, Glenda Newell-Harris M.D., intervened that we realized I was not getting critically-needed treatment. She became an advocate for my care and I started to receive the timely and proper medical treatment my condition called for. I recommend that any person requiring medical care have a friend or family member who can ask the right questions and be an advocate on their behalf.”
John L. Burris
American civil rights attorney

About the Book

The authors’ goals were to coach and guide health care consumers through the trenches of the health care system, which was made even more complex after health care reform. In this instructional guide, they use real-life vignettes to share their clinical experiences from academic settings, private practice, community clinics and pre-paid health plans, to offer practical, simple and effective solutions to the common problems experienced by health care consumers.

Every reader should come away with the confidence to question authority in medical settings, expect the best care, and be an active participant in managing their medical experience.

Focus On YOUR BEST HEALTH is a timeless resource that gives patients the tools to survive the ‘new normal’ of health care – all the more vital after the wake of COVID-19 left the health care system in a tailspin with higher physician and nurse shortages, patient confusion over coverage and plans, and communication gaps between health care providers, patients and their families. It places patients at the center of an unruly medical universe and provides them with the knowledge to make smart choices about their health care, allowing them to experience clinical outcomes of the best kind.

“About 17 percent of every GDP dollar goes to health care spending. With health care reform and attempts to cut costs, the medical maze will become more difficult to navigate. How do you get your best health care? Start by reading this down to earth guide by two experienced physicians who offer essential tips on how to ask the right questions and survive in a system that has become increasingly complicated.”
Dr. Julianne Malveaux
President Emerita, Bennett College for Women and author of Surviving and Thriving and 365 Facts In Black Economic History

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