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Take Charge of Your Health in 2024

Take charge of your health
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Greetings, friends!

…there’s a better way for a better health outcome.

I’m Dr. Glenda, here to help you take charge of your health. That means showing you how to make every experience you have with a health care provider more meaningful and productive. I’ve learned over a decades-long career in medicine, as well as through personal medical experiences with friends and family, that there’s a better way for a better health outcome. It starts with being your best advocate. On this platform, I’ll share stories, facts, tips and insights to empower that purpose. And I intend to bring them with compassion, care, authenticity and straight talk.

So what drives me?

My mind takes me back to an early memory of when I was 3 or 4. I went to a doctor’s appointment with my mom. The doctor put a stethoscope around my neck, letting me hear my own heartbeat. That left an impression that has since lingered, and I’ve been moving to my own beat ever since.

Over my young years, I developed a deep interest in helping people. I had a fascination with illnesses that influenced me to want to be a healer, just like the doctors I saw on TV. So at the tender age of 10 – and with the encouragement and support of my parents – I decided that I wanted to be a doctor, too. I wanted to have the relationship with my patients that I saw on TV.

Feeling frustrated

If life only mimicked art a little more, the patient-doctor relationship might not be as fractured as it is today. It doesn’t help that workforce shortages around health care have strained the relationship even further. So much so that some patients aren’t comfortable asking questions about their care or advocating for themselves. Insurance is confusing. Communication is poor. Internal biases are real. I could go on.

I’ve seen and heard too many friends and family say that they feel unheard, misguided and frustrated after a medical encounter. I even had an experience recently as a patient at an urgent care facility that left me feeling the same way. And I’m a doctor who’s spent decades navigating the health care system!

…some patients aren’t comfortable asking questions about their care…

My experience was one of so many that I’ve seen and talked about when I speak to audiences. I even co-authored a book that highlights a number of patient stories.

How else can I serve?

It’s also at the heart of why I created www.doctorglenda.com. It is possible to be your own best advocate in health care – and really in life! I want to reach larger audiences with that message and help to demystify the health care system; make medical encounters more productive and less intimidating; and shed light on how overall health and well-being impact our ability to function and engage with the world.

Please use this platform as your resource. And join me in celebrating a new year of growth, “aha” moments, and collective empowerment!

With your health in mind,

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